Our group has been active on the logistics market since the end of the sixties, in the last 50 years we have been key players in the evolution of this sector.

We have always pursued the mission of competitiveness and profitability over time, and for this reason we have constantly evolved our business. Italy is the most extraordinary natural platform for logistics and we have therefore chosen to invest in large logistics parks since the markets began to say that our production sector needs above all, in order to be competitive, strategy and optimization of the distribution flows and raw materials, themselves have legitimized very strong investments in the logistics real estate sector: it is in this path that the real estate part of the group develops.

Putting ourself at the service of supply chain management has meant for our group not only to design and manage intra-company logistic activities, but to start making available to our customers “structural” opportunities to facilitate effective production and distribution in the right time, and a consequent cost reduction, with guarantees on the level of service.


Our group has been active on the logistics market since the end of the sixties when the word “Logistics” was not even used in Italy.

The use of the term logistics to identify the profession begins when our group, then the Bertola Group, decides to insert the words: “Distribution logistics” in its logo.

Much has happened since then.


Since the end of the 90s the FBH Group has also been operating in the sector of development, design, construction and management of “turnkey” properties and has become a market leader with a single portfolio of logistic real estate projects in Italy, France and the Netherlands, Romania and China. Architects, engineers, surveyors and professionals of high skills and experience are able to satisfy every type of requirement of the Client.

The long history on the market, the in-depth technical knowledge and the incessant search for innovative solutions allow us to always guarantee a correct execution of the work with the highest quality standards as required by the institutional Investor market.



Offer Services with a proactive approach, developing and expanding services in relation to customer requests and market needs.

Guarantee high quality standards of service and continuous improvement of processes through a cohesive group linked by strong corporate and human values, continuous investments in personnel, technological and structural training.


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